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Questions and Answers

Q How many books can I check out at the Library?

A If you are in Kindergarten or 1st grade, you can check out one book each week. If you are in grades 2-4, you can check out two books each week. And our 5th graders have the special privilege of checking out three books! Please remember to bring your books back each week to turn in or renew.

Q What if I forget my book on my Library day?

A That's OK. You can bring it into the Library the next day and check out a new book.

Q Can I check out books when it's not my Library day?

A Yes! Since we have Mrs. Shipe here, you can check out all day. We open at 8:15 and close at 3:30. Make sure you bring your Library pass so we know your teacher knows where you are.
You can visit the Library any day for extra checkouts except your scheduled Library day~ we will see you in class that day!

Q Where can I look to find if our Library has a book I want?

A The Library online catalog! With our online catalog, you can search from home, or from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Q I found a torn page in my Library book, what should I do?

A When you find a torn page or you accidently tear a page in a Library book, just bring it in to the Library and tell Mrs. Shipe or myself that it needs to go to the Book Hospital. Please do not try to fix it yourself. We can repair lots of book problems!

Q I can't find my Library book(s)- I think I lost it. What should I do?

A Make sure you look everywhere first- did you check under the seat of the car, under your bed, in you desk, in your classroom, on your bus, or even on your own bookshelf at home? (see the full list of places to look for lost books on the Library Homepage sidebar) Also, check with us, it may have been found and turned in. If you really cannot find it, we can print out a notice for you so that you may pay the price of the book and we can replace it.