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Title 1 Information

Title 1 Information English

H. M. Pearson is a Schoolwide Title I school. Schoolwide Title 1 Programming allows our school to use Title I funds and programs to meet the needs of all students of all students throughout the year.


Our school gets funds from the Federal Government for special programs and services under Title I, Part A ESEA Improving Basic Programs. Title I services are for students who need additional academic help, regardless of their economic background. The amount of money the school receives under Title I, Part A depends on how many students in our school are from low-income families. The income information of our families is protected information according to privacy laws.


A Schoolwide Program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on State academic achievement standards.” A Schoolwide Program has three core elements: the comprehensive needs assessment, the comprehensive school plan and the annual review of the plan.

How does it differ? Unlike a Targeted Assistance program, a Schoolwide Program provides educational services to all students, improves all structures that support student learning and aligns all resources to achieve a common goal: improved student achievement for all students. Our school qualifies for the Schoolwide Title I Program because at least 40% of our students are from low-income families. A Schoolwide Title I Program allows us the opportunity to combine Title I funds with other federal, state, and local money to upgrade the entire program of our school. This allows us to meet all of our students’ academic needs in literacy.

Schoolwide Program Benefits

An eligible school, in consultation with the district, makes the decision to become a Schoolwide Title I School. A school continues its Schoolwide status even if the poverty threshold in their attendance area falls below the 40% level. Since the decision to go Schoolwide is a long-term decision, eligible schools often want to consider the benefits of becoming a Schoolwide Title I School.

 The parent involvement requirements for Title I are the same for Schoolwide programs and targeted assistance programs. Because each student in a Schoolwide school is considered a Title I student, the parent involvement requirements pertain to ALL students in the school. This includes the Parent-School Compact, the Title I Parent Involvement Policy, and the annual BACK TO SCHOOL parent meeting. Schoolwide plans should reflect how parents provide input into the planning and implementation of the program. An annual evaluation of the Title I Parent Involvement Program is required.



Follow a nightly routine with your child for doing homework and packing backpacks for the next day. Read to and with your child every day.

 Listen to your child read to you.

 Count with your child by 1’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc.

 Practice math facts with your child.

 Communicate with your child's teachers regularly.

Attend scheduled conferences with your child's teachers.

Visit your child's school.

Visit your child's classroom.

Help your child use words to describe what he/she sees, thinks and feels.

Encourage your child to write notes, letters and cards to others.

Write stories, shopping lists, and messages.

Help your child write about pictures they draw.

Take your child to the public library. Get a library card (it's free!).

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Schoolwide Title I Parent Advisory Committee, please contact our Reading Specialist, Darcy Owens, at or 540-422-7610.

We look forward to collaborating with you this year!